ST 101 Procedure
SDS - 101-10 Red Cell Fixing Solution
SDS - 101-20 Citrate Phosphate Buffer
SDS - 101-30 Staining Solution

 Kleihauer Betke Fetal Hemoglobin Kits

The Kleihauer-Betke Fetal Hemoglobin test it is available in three sizes.  Each kit contains Red Cell Fixing Solution (101-10), Citrate-Phosphate Buffer (101-20), and Hemoglobin Staining Solution (101-30).  The kit is stored and used at room temperature.  Unused reagents are stable for 18 months.

Each reagent is available individually in 120 mL and 500 mL bottles.

ST101-A - contains one set of reagents
ST101-B - contains two sets of reagents
ST101-C - contains three sets of reagents


FETALtrol Fetal Hemoglobin Controls. 


FETALtrol is a tri-level control intended for hospital clinical laboratories and reference laboratories having experience in test methods for fetomaternal hemorrhage. FETALtrol can be used to control both flow cytometry assays and manual stains (KB) for the detection of RBCs containing HbF or Rho (D antigen). FETALtrol has 105-day closed vial stability with an open vial stability of 25 thermal cycles, provided they are handled properly.


Available in two sizes.  Each kit contains three levels of controls.  These whole blood controls are stored refrigerated. They are manufactured quarterly in January, April, July and October.  We recommend setting up a standing order. for quarterly shipments


ST 201 - includes two vials of each level of Fetaltrol

ST 201-B - includes one vial of each level of Fetaltrol

Kleihauer Betke Reference Manual